Thank you so much for your competent support today.  I so appreciate you and the intelligent work you are doing on my behalf.  I also realize the time this is taking away from your family, and thank you.
I am so glad you are my attorney!
In appreciation

– Thank you so much from Seattle

Genuine Caring

My situation is unique and I was treated with competence and respect.  Even when I was demanding and time pressured in my requests I was always treated with courtesy and in a timely manner.

I consider the value of the legal assistance and documents received to be equal to the money spent!

I highly recommend this firm for discrete and excellent legal service.

– bainbridge lady from Bainbridge Island

Well done

Well done Lynda!  I can not thank you enough for your thoughtful and well prepared documents.  My last Will and Testament is perfect.  You captured my wishes so well.  My power of attorney gives me peace of mind, and the directive to  physicians was most provocative.  A very important conversation with my husband resulted from that!

– Kathryn from Bainbridge Island

oh by the way

Oh oh, wanted to say, as I meet others in my shoes, I get compliments as to the completeness and fairness of our documents. I wanted to thank You for that and expect that sense of gratitude to last for a long time.

– J.W. from Kitsap County

I have just had the tragedy of losing my husband.  It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I had to let others know what a blessing it was to have a document that allowed my husbands wishes to be KNOWN and followed.  I found out that some living wills are poorly drafted and have no legal effect.  Thank god for Lynda and her wisdom.  It saved me tens of thousands of dollars in medical treatment that my husband did not want.  And the peace of mind to allow his wishes to be followed.  Thank you Lynda.  Thank you so much.

– Susan from Seattle

So often you go to people for services and they don’t listen. Lynda always listens so she can understand our needs.

– Barbara Stedman, business owner from Silverdale