Business Law

If  you’re in business or want to be, whether you’re working for an organization or running one, legal counsel is a must to help you achieve your mission and save you money.

I have worked successfully with many businesses to acquire, sell, refinance and grow their own business. My clients are correct to consider me the best bargain they have to support their business success. I am delighted to do the same for you.

It is now possible to form a corporation or Limited Liability Company on line with the Secretary of State.  This can be done with the only cost being the filing fee to the state.  If you want to form a business for tax purposes only, this may satisfy the needs of the IRS.  But if you want protection from the liability of the business and to keep your personal assets safe from judgments and creditors, you need more.  I can provide a correctly formed and maintained business entity which will do a better job of protecting you.

You will save money in the creation of your business by using the fill in the blank form on the Secretary of State’s web site but it will not protect you if you are  sued or audited.   I tell clients you always pay for your legal needs.  Either before you are sued or after.  Do not put your personal assets, your home, at risk.  Please contact me to learn more.

My extensive management experience brings added value to our business law services.  Please see me for these situations:

  • Start-ups
  • Organizational structures
  • Purchase and Acquisitions
  • Leases and Real Estate Transactions
  • Winding down, sale of assets, sale of an ongoing concern
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Forward thinking
  • Employee relations and handbook development
  • Business plans and financing assistance
  • Federal, state, county and municipal compliance
  • Transfer of assets using estate-planning methods
  • Closely held business strategies

See also Business FAQs.